Our Timeline

Winter 2008
The Hopefuls become a family!

Spring 2009
Adopt our first rescue dog to “practice” our parenting skills

Summer 2013
Begin trying to conceive naturally

Spring 2014
Try every trick in the book regarding cycle timing, cervical mucus testing, and planned intercourse. Still nothing works. We’re getting frustrated.

Fall 2014
Adopt a second rescue dog as our second “fur kid.”

December 2014
Meet with a fertility specialist who advised complete fertility testing on both of us

January 2015
Let the testing begin!

Heather completes hormonal blood workup, hysterosalpingogram (HSG) ouch!, and ultrasound testing. Antral follicle count revealed about 25 follicles total. Our RE suspects PCOS is the cause of our infertility and predicts we’ll “fix” this problem with a round of Clomid. We are convinced the fertility problem is on Heather’s side.

Chris submits a semen sample to the clinic. He receives a call on his 30th birthday from our RE. Chris hears the words he never thought he’d hear, “You have no sperm.” We are referred to one of the top 5 urologists in the United States. After a physical examination, the urologist tells us Chris is missing his vas deferens on at least one side. He sends Chris to get an ultrasound to see if he has two kidneys and if they are in the right place (apparently these two things can be linked). Kidneys are present and in the right position. The urologist orders tests to see if Chris is a carrier for cystic fibrosis (CF), as this is often linked to the absence of the vas deferens. We discover Chris is a carrier for CF.

February 2015
Our RE orders genetic tests to see if Heather is also a carrier for CF. Heather tests negative for the Delta F508 gene mutation. We are cleared to begin IVF treatment after we receive vaccinations.

March 2015
Begin birth control and stimulations for IVF #1.

April 2015
Chris goes in for what is supposed to be a MESA procedure. The urologist does not find sperm in the upper epydidmal tissue, so he makes a last-minute decision to try a TESE. Chris’s sperm are not moving very well.  After hours of searching, the embryologist finds only one twitching sperm. The sample is incubated and watched over the next few days. Eventually five more sperm begin to move.

Heather goes in for her egg retrieval. The procedure goes smoothly, and the RE retrieves 15 eggs. Ten eggs are mature, and fertilized by ICSI. Nine eggs fertilize. Only one makes it to the blastocyst stage of development. It is frozen for a future transfer.

May 2015
5/12 Frozen embryo transfer complete! 🙂
5/22 Beta result is 4. We lost the pregnancy early 😦 IVF #1 is game over.

June 2015
Interview a potential new RE. We really like him! He might be our new doctor. Chris begins taking 1/4 a 50mg tablet of Clomid per day and the supplement Naturally Smart for Men 3x daily.

July 2015
Beginning IVF #2 with the new clinic!
7/15 Start birth control
7/27 Begin stim injections

August 2015
8/7 IVF #2 Egg retrieval and MESA on the same day. MESA goes better than we ever imagined–there are millions of sperm! RE retrieves 25 eggs from Heather – wow!
8/8 We learn 19 eggs were mature and 17 fertilized via ICSI
8/12 Embryo report 5 embryos made it to the blastocyst stage…waiting to see if there will be more tomorrow
8/13 Two more embryos made it to the blastocyst stage! Seven total! All are biopsied and sent for pre-genetic screening.
8/18 Begin birth control pills for FET
8/20 PGS results are in! We have four normal embryos–three boys and one girl. FET tentatively scheduled for late September

September 2015
9/21 We transfered a 6AA male singleton. Let the two week wait begin!

October 2015
10/2 Beta #1: BFP!!!!! hCG at 573! He stuck!!! We’re absolutely thrilled!
10/9 Beta #2: hCG at 7,008

June 2016
It’s a BOY!!! Baby Hopeful #1 arrived via emergency c-section. We are so thankful!

August 2017
HSC, mock embryo transfer and cultures to prepare for baby #2. Cycle starting soon!

October 2017
10/17 Embryo transfer #3: Our only girl! Beta is negative 😦

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