We are “The Hopefuls”

Chris + Heather
Two thirty-something-year-olds
Eight+ years of marriage
Three+ years of trying for kids
One visit to the infertility clinic set our journey in motion.

Chris was diagnosed with congenital absence of the vas deferens.
Doctors told us IVF is our only option for having our own children.
We were crushed, but we held onto hope, and to each other.

IVF #1 in May 2015 produced only one embryo, and was unsuccessful. We were devastated and we almost gave up. Something told us we weren’t finished yet, so we dusted ourselves off, did some doctor shopping, and found a new clinic and RE.

IVF #2 with our new clinic was a success! We love our new doctor and our new nurses. We had our first child in June 2016, and we feel so blessed and grateful to be his parents!

We still have 3 frozen embryos and look forward to expanding our family as time goes on. 

This blog has provided us an amazing sense of community and connection with others struggling with infertility. We are grateful for every supportive comment and all the words of encouragement we’ve received. Through blogging we’ve been able to process our feelings and keep hope alive.

New to male factor infertility or IVF treatment? We welcome your emails: meetthehopefuls@icloud.com

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