Adenomyosis Woes

One of the challenges that arises with having adenomyosis is that it worsens with time. And pregnancy. Ever since having Mason my periods have become unmanageable. On the first few days of my period it’s difficult to leave the house. I’m losing about 15-18 grams of blood per hour. I wake up multiple times throughout the night because I have to change my pads and tampons. If I don’t get up, I wake up in a pool of blood. I’ve been dizzy, and faint lately, even despite taking daily iron supplements. The research indicates if periods are heavy enough, there’s not much that supplements can do to make up for the iron loss. I’m good at sucking things up, but I’m honestly afraid to face the fact this might be a bigger problem than I want to admit.

Yesterday we received our FET calendar and are scheduled for our transfer on October 17. As I was telling Chris about just how rough my periods has gotten he brought me to reality, “We need to get your iron levels tested.” He’s 100% right. I need to make sure this massive blood loss isn’t going to negatively impact our upcoming cycle, or my overall health. So I reached out to my nurse today, and she’s going to get me in for a ferritin test on Monday. If all goes well, we’ll proceed with our FET as planned.