IVF #2: FET Day!

Chris and I slept poorly last night thinking about our frozen embryo transfer today. We wake up bleary-eyed at the indecent five o’clock hour (good practice for kids right?) and make our way to the reproductive center. Traffic is near gridlock, so we come skidding into the parking lot about five minutes late. We sign in at 7:50, and wait for them to call us back for our 8:30 transfer.

Ok, so I know we are a little late, but they are running much later than us. Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much. However, with an embryo transfer, they require you to come with a full bladder. I’m starting to think my bladder is weak sauce because at about 8:45 (still no call back) I start thinking I’m going to piss myself in the swanky lobby chairs. Chris starts to see that panicked look in my eyes, and says he’s going to go find a nurse. They tell me it’ll be at least another 30 minutes, so they ask me to “partly” empty my bladder. I probably looked at the nurse with that same sideways expression my dogs give me when they hear a high-pitched noise. So she explains I should start to pee, count to ten, and shut it down. After that, I feel much better, and we go back to the swanky chairs to wait some more.

A nurse calls us back, asks us to sign the waivers, and then tells me I should undress from the waist-down and get under a sheet on the hospital bed. They provided me with some sexy rubber-grip hospital socks, but I brought some of my own.


My hopeful socks!

The nurse walks in and tells me she’s going to look at my bladder. She squirts the clear ultrasound goo on my lower stomach region, and begins pressing like hell with the ultrasound into my oh-still-very-full bladder. She tells me how perfect the fullness is (uh, yeah lady, I can feel that it’s full). Meanwhile, our doctor walks in, greets us, tilts the hospital bed so my feet are in the air, goes to the end of the bed and flips my sheet back. I know they are used to seeing the goods, but I was so bashful lying there with my cookie hanging out. He proceeds to spread my legs, grab a speculum, and do the regular gyno routine, and then insert the catheter through my cervix.

The nurse called the embryologist, and she loaded our chosen embryo into a syringe. We decided to go with our top rated male. The moments while we waited for her to come in were probably the most awkward since no one in the room really had a job to do, and I was lying there feeling pretty exposed. Soon enough our embryologist came in, and the injected our little boy through the catheter and into my uterus.

Not the clearest pic, but here is our embaby in his new home.

Our embryo is a handsome little guy by IVF standards. He’s rated a 6AA on the Gardner Blastocyst Grading Scale, which I was really pleased to learn is the best rating an embryo can receive. The 6 means he’s a hatched blastocyst. The first “A” means his inner cells are tightly packed (this part becomes the fetus), and the second “A” means his TE cells are plentiful and form a cohesive layer (this part becomes the placenta). This is light years better than our only blastocyst in our first failed IVF cycle. We are thrilled.

Baby Hopeful’s first picture–you can see clearly that he’s hatched from his shell. 🙂

I feel like a drug addict, but we added ANOTHER pill today. In addition to my estrogen shots and progesterone lozenges and suppositories, now I’m taking methylprednisone. This is supposed to help prevent my body from rejecting the embryo so it can attach.

All in all, good news to report today. Our doctor said my endometrium looked great, the transfer was flawless, and we have a perfect embryo. He said it’s all up to my body at this point. So come on, body, let’s get pregnant!


48 thoughts on “IVF #2: FET Day!

  1. ontheivftrain says:

    You guys are having a much better outcome this time around! Do you think changing your RE helped? Would you recommend your RE? We have been working with the same urologist as you for some time now…. I’ve thought about changing our RE since we had a failed cycle. Our stories are so similar…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. myivfdiary2015 says:

    Ahhh I love your posts. So funny and true! Wise choice on the best male embie – and your socks – just brilliant. You’ve brought a huge smile to my face. Sending love to you all and from the bottom of my heart hoping that your super embie brings you the great result you deserve. Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ashleykyleanderson says:

    I love this!! I am so sorry I wasn’t able to wish you luck beforehand but I have been thinking of you still, and I am thrilled to hear that everything went perfectly to plan. 6AA?? That is AMAZING! He is beautiful already and I have so much hope for this little embaby. I am sending you ALL the positive vibes I possibly can! This is it, I can feel it. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • ashleykyleanderson says:

        Thank you so much. We are holding up about as well as can be expected. The reality of it hits very hard at different times but while we are dealing with so much and still in shock that I think I’m just running on autopilot for the most part. I spent a brutal week in Florida trying to help get my FIL settled in the new house and go through financials (she did everything– he doesn’t even know how to pay bills!) and now I’m home for a few days to keep working on getting us moved in up here. Kyle is trying to keep up with classes since he was only a week in when it happened, and my sister-in-law had to be induced this morning (no news yet) so her husband can make the funeral Friday, the day before our anniversary. The timing just couldn’t be worse. It’s been tough, but I really appreciate all the messages of comfort. You guys have been on my mind as well! I was glad to check in and see your wonderful update this morning. xx


        • heatherhopeful says:

          Oh my goodness, I cannot even imagine. Your worlds have been completely turned upside-down. Poor SIL being induced, and my goodness, right on top of your anniversary, too. Sending you lots of love. 💞


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