IVF #2: Decision Day

Even through transfer is still a week away, today we had to give our embryo transfer decision to our clinic. According the the results of our PGS, we have four healthy embryos: three boys, and a girl. We’ve been going back and forth on our decision for transfer, but after a lengthy discussion with our RE, we’ve finally made up our minds. 

Chris asked our RE about transferring twins. Our RE told us a story about some friends of his who needed IVF in order to conceive a child. Naturally, they turned to their buddy, our doctor, for help. They ended up transferring two embryos, and both stuck. The twins were born early, as most are. Unfortunately, one of the twins had cerebral palsy as a result of their prematurity. Dr. W said each week their families get together for sporting events, and each week he is reminded of why it is best to transfer only one embryo. It was a pretty powerful story for Chris and me to hear, and ultimately led us to the decision to transfer only one embryo. 

Then came the gender decision. At this point, I’ve never successfully been pregnant. Although our infertility is male factor, my ability to carry a child is still uncertain, but of course we’re hoping for the best. Since we have three boy embryos, we feel like it’s a safer choice to transfer a boy. We want to preserve the health of our little girl, and make sure everything is in working order with my body before we try to transfer her. 

I told Chris if this cycle results in a negative pregnancy test, we’ll reopen the discussion of how many embryos to transfer next time. I’d likely push for two, if this were the case. Let’s hope it’s not, and everything goes smoothly. 

Next Monday, September 21st is our transfer. I’ll be on bed rest for two days, so I’ve ordered some great Netflix movies to keep me busy. I’m definitely going to do a home pregnancy test after about six days, because I can’t wait (obediently) until beta again this time around. Just thinking about the results makes my stomach flip. 

In about nine months, we hope to welcome a little boy into our family. 💙

30 thoughts on “IVF #2: Decision Day

  1. oc15 says:

    this just put such a lump in my throat tonight. i think of you and mr. hopeful a lot. you truly are fighters and have had to make a lot of tough choices. i think you’ve made a very thoughtful choice here. i think, if given the same circumstances, i would make this choice as well. my wish for you two is to see that positive test early (i could never wait either!!) and i can’t wait to meet your little boy.

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  2. Nara says:

    Ooh this is so exciting for you. Thank you for sharing your thought process. I think it really makes sense how you tell it. I’m looking forward to hearing all about little Master Hopeful’s imminent arrival! 🙂 x

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  3. True Hugbo says:

    So exciting – and I think I would have made the same decision following the same sort of thinking as you. In Canada/Ontario, we cannot legally know the results of PGS nor have any choice in the matter so we didn’t find out until we were released to our OB. That made it easier for us in the sense that we didn’t have to make a big decision.

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  4. Terrakna - She of Advanced Maternal Age says:

    Or, like in my case, you could transfer 2 and end up with triplets. Then again, I’m a statistical anomaly.

    As far as the risk of twins goes, the care of a twin pregnancy has gotten so advanced that sometimes OBs don’t even send you to a perinatologist – they just handle the pregnancy themselves. I’ve noticed that REs tend to overreact regarding twins. So, if you end up transferring 2 down the road, don’t worry about that one case. There’s always that one case that will scare the pants off you.

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