IVF #2: Egg Retrieval and MESA Results are in!

 What do the following have in common: the number typically reserved for the best slugger on a baseball team, the atomic number of the element manganese, and the minimum age for candidates for the United States House of Representatives? They all represent the same number–25! That’s ALSO the number of eggs we got at our retrieval today! In IVF #1 back in May we had 15 eggs, so we’re happy to have 10 more chances at embryos this time around. That’s great news, but the good news doesn’t stop there. 

As we’ve previously shared, Chris has congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens. Simply put, it’s like being born with an irreversible vasectomy. We have to do IVF in order to have kids because his sperm doesn’t come out of his testicles when he ejaculates seminal fluid. Those of you who followed our journey with IVF #1 might remember last time around, Chris’s procedure did not go very well. During round one, on the day of his MESA, the urologist could not find any sperm in the epididymal tissue. He had to dig deeper, making the procedure a last-minute TESE. After taking a biopsy of Chris’s right testical they only found one twitching sperm. Over a few days of incubation, they were able to find more twitchers, but the quality and motility was very poor. This resulted in only one viable embryo from round one. It didn’t implant, and we were devastated. 

After taking Clomid and Naturally Smart for Men for several months, Chris was hopeful his sperm quality would be better for round two. The urologist started the procedure off as a MESA, once again. This time, they found sperm in the epididymis, and not just a few…MILLIONS! The urologist said under the microscope they were darting around like normal, ejaculated sperm. He told Chris the technicians in the lab were literally high-fiving one another! This makes their job with ICSI so much easier. We are thrilled!!!

Tomorrow we’ll find out how many of our eggs fertilized. Next Wednesday we’ll hear how many are blastocysts that will be frozen. Then, the blastocysts will be biopsied for PGS, and we will get those results back in two weeks. It’s crazy that in two and a half weeks we’re going to know a lot of info about our babies. 

We know from personal experience that IVF can be times of very high highs, and others can be very low lows. We don’t have our head in the clouds, and are staying very grounded. However, this news makes us feel like there is hope for us. We’re not out of the game. That is definitely something to celebrate. 

Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. We feel your love, and we are incredibly grateful for all the support! πŸ’—

39 thoughts on “IVF #2: Egg Retrieval and MESA Results are in!

      • Nara says:

        I’m thinking your #2 cycle is full of good signs for our #2 cycle! (I’m not getting my hopes up… Maybe won’t happen until next year as we are on a waiting list plus I need an op for the fibroid first.) It makes me happy that they retrieved so many eggs for you this time! That should increase your chances like you say! I’m looking forward to hearing more good news. πŸ™Œ

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        • heatherhopeful says:

          Yes–I have full faith yours will be the best yet, too. I wasn’t very hopeful for round two at first, but wow. This definitely makes things look a little brighter. Do you have an estimate for the timeline, or is it a waiting game at this point?


          • Nara says:

            Well they said around 6 months so that’s the end of the year. I have a while to go before my gynae appt for the fibroid which would have to get sorted before we do IVF… I’m not sure how it works on cycle 2 though, as on the first we did a training day and so on! You kind of hope they have more idea of how your body responds to the protocol on #2, right? My follicles were super slow and needed another week or so, with increasing doses, so I’m hoping that we can start at a higher dose this time. Is that what happened with you? X

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  1. workingwomensivf says:

    This is such amazing news!!! After last cycle you guys really deserved a break and I am so pleased you got it! 25 is an amazing number but the more impressive is millions of sperm!!! Crossing fingers for great fertilisation rates for you xxx

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  2. ashleykyleanderson says:

    This is incredible. I am literally writing this to you through tears. I was thrilled to hear about the egg count– that alone is fantastic! But by the time I got to the good news about Chris, I couldn’t help but tear up. I know this isn’t the end of your fight and you still have to stay focused, but I am SO grateful for these incredible improvements and this new clinic.

    You guys have got this!! Lots of love! ❀

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      • ashleykyleanderson says:

        I can imagine! I’m sure you guys were afraid to even hope for such good news. What an enormous weight to have off your shoulders at this stage. I initially wrote my first comment saying that I started tearing up after hearing about your husband’s sperm… but then I realized how incredibly weird (and creepy!) that sounded and changed it. So funny what becomes normal to talk about when going through IVF! πŸ˜‰

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  3. oc15 says:

    this is so fantastic. i actually teared up reading this. i am so happy for you guys. you are right about the high highs and low lows. celebrate this HIGH high for all it is worth!!! i hope the highs just keep on coming. xo

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      I’m still in shock! The whole drive home yesterday I kept asking Chris to pinch me or if we were dreaming. This ER was much less painful than my last. Chris is being a champ through the pain, too. Thank you so much!

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