IVF #2: Upping the Ante

I’m a night owl. I’m definitely not a morning person. There is a direct correlation between my ability to get out of bed in the morning, and my level of excitement regarding the activity that is waking me. Take this morning, for instance. I knew I was getting out of bed early for blood work (my least favorite of ALL needles…but more on that later) and a transvaginal ultrasound. Neither of these tasks are appealing. So I hit the snooze button a few times, and eventually dragged my groggy self out of bed and on my way to the doctor’s office.

The interior of our new clinic looks like a posh hotel. Complete with swanky decor, modern furniture, and sparkly chandeliers we’re reminded of how much we’re paying just to be there. People travel in from all over the world to our clinic (which makes me feel pretty reassured about our selection) so the waiting room is a constant buzz of varying languages and brewing coffee. I honestly love the energy of the place. It makes me feel so much more at ease than our last clinic. There’s definitely still a little awkwardness, as I imagine you feel in any fertility waiting room. There are times when I see people sitting across from me, and I’d love to chat with them. We’re all there for similar reasons, wouldn’t it be nice to feel a sense of community? Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way (it sure seems so!).

After some great people watching, a nurse called me back for blood work. Let’s just call it like it is: I’m a sissy when it comes to blood work. I never complain, and I refuse to make a big deal out of it, I’m just not a fan. I’ve always averted my eyes when a nurse comes at me with a needle and a tourniquet. After all the needles I’ve stabbed myself with over the course of IVF, you wouldn’t think this would be an issue. There’s something different about putting liquid IN the body, versus taking liquid OUT. Today, I decided I’m going to conquer this fear. So I forced myself to watch the nurse as he performed the veinipuncture and blood collection, and guess what? It really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it made me wonder why I’ve been so afraid of blood work all along.

Our meeting with Dr. W was fairly brief. He performed the ultrasound, and I didn’t ask any questions. Part of me wanted to know how many follicles appear to be growing. The other part of me is worried to get my hopes up. I’d honestly rather just find out post egg retrieval so I know for sure. Dr. W said everything is coming along quite nicely, so for now, I’ll take that as a great sign.

We met with a nurse to go over changes in my medication. There are no changes with my Omnitrope, so I’ll continue administering the .25ml/day. However, starting tonight I’ll be doubling my Menopur dosage in the injection I named the Breaking Bad shot.That’s now four vials of Bravelle, two vials of Menopur for a grand total of 450iu of medication going into one shot! I can already barely inject this shot without feeling faint, and now I’m doubling the medication that makes it sting like hell? Oh, I’m super excited. Additionally, starting tomorrow I’ll be adding another shot, Ganirelix to the daily regimen, which I’ve read from other bloggers “stings like a bee.” Seriously, the things we’re willing to do, right? I hope this time it will all be worth it. ❤

37 thoughts on “IVF #2: Upping the Ante

  1. ivfkeyboardtherapy says:

    It’s totally worth it! I cannot ever watch the nurse needle!! Ewww drawing blood so butterflies in the tummy scary. What a concoction that you have. I cannot believe sometimes that a doctor trusts me with all the medication and the mixing to get it right! So much pressure 😳 good luck mate, may those follies grow big and full of eggs 😊

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  2. tatty87 says:

    Your braver than me! There’s no way I could ever watch blood being drawn, I’d feel the blood drain from my face at the same time! I can relate to having some many needles jabbed in me that surely if be used to it by now! Good luck 😘 x

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  3. lgandlg says:

    Whenever I’m in the waiting room I always wish it wasn’t awkward and I could strike up a conversation too. It would make for a much more worthwhile wait for sure. Sounds like everything is going well!

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  4. Surviving Infertility says:

    I must say I am glad I am not the only one feeling that awkwardness in the waiting room! I always want to strike up a conversation, but never do & likewise, no one ever does with me. Oh well i guess! Lol.
    Kudos to you for watching the nurse take your blood, I tried and it makes me almost pass out. But at the same time, I think Id rather have it drawn than inject. Who knows! Like u said, the things we go through for baby. Im glad u are feeling so great at the new place, and i think it says a lot that u aren’t asking a million questions during stims. I have been working on this with my therapist-not knowing every detail. I am so optimistic for u this time around, dear ! 💕

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      It’s so hard not to know the details, isn’t it? I think I’m finally beginning to learn this process is largely out of my control, so I might as well relax a bit. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my goals, so this is a new step for me! Thanks for your support, my friend!! 💞

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  5. thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

    High five for watching the nurse draw your blood!! I did exactly the same a couple of days ago!!
    We are told to be respectful of other patient’s privacy whilst in the waiting room – not everyone wants to talk about it. I’ve sat with 2 other ladies and a couple the whole of this past week in the waiting room, every other day, we clearly are in the exact same IVF cycle, but there is just silence and the odd nod of the head to each other! It’s weird!!
    Yikes that’s a lot of meds to be mixed up :-s I hope it doesn’t sting too bad :-s

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Interesting–I can totally understand and respect that some people probably don’t want to talk about it. I guess that’s the one thing that has kept me silent in the waiting room for so long. How funny you keep running into the same women there! Thanks for the support–the new shot mix didn’t feel much different than the old one. So relieved! 💙


  6. mrssheandher says:

    To quote a really cool guy that I know, “you’re a rockstar!” Seriously. 🙂
    You should definitely start up a conversation next time you are in the waiting room! How many people are looking for connection and understanding online because they are going through something profound, and while they may have friends who are supportive it doesn’t mean they fully understand. Any yet you regularly get to be in a room full of those who can do both. Plus you are an awesome person and anyone should be happy to get their chat on with you. ❤

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Haha–I’m pretty sure I know who that cool guy is. And thanks. I don’t feel like a rockstar.

      You’re so sweet to say those things! I finally decided to go to a peer-led support group (it’s today, actually) so hopefully I get all my talking out of my system there! 😘

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  7. Amanda says:

    I have felt the same way many times in the waiting room! Have you checked in to infertility support groups in your area? You can look at the Resolve website too. I’ve been able to attend one meeting and there was just one other person there besides the leader. It was a neat experience because other than the blog world, I absolutely know no one that has gone thru or is currently going thru IVF. Just to be able to talk to this other woman and to be able to relate to her experience was such a relief.

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Yes! So funny you should ask–we’re actually going to a Resolve meeting in a couple of hours! This week is a couples meeting, so they’ve asked us to bring our significant others. Chris is worried about going, but I have a feeling he will be glad he did. I’m glad to hear it was a good experience for you. I’ll let him know one of my blogger friends found it very helpful. Thanks, Amanda! 💞

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  8. Jein says:

    I can only say that you are one very brave woman! Watching blood drawn out from you… Wow! I’m such a big wuss when it comes to needles, blood, hospitals… All throught the different IVF rounds, I have only ever administered one puregon pen injection by myself. And I almost fainted that time, even though I was sitting down. Really. I got so scared when a little drop of blood came to the surface that I had to drop off the chair and lay down on the floor! My fingers are all crossed for you, and yes, it is all worth it.


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