Think Before You Advertise

We are the perfect demographic to have children. I’m at the maternally ripe age of 31, and I’m married to a man who is 30 years old. We’ve been married 6 years. I’m getting marketed to like I have babies. We’re infertile. Go figure. 

Lately, I’ve noticed that my customized ads and coupons have changed. It started last week when my recommended items for purchase on Amazon included a Diaper Genie, and several other baby toys. In full-disclosure,  I’ve bought prenatal vitamins from Amazon, and I’ve purchased several toys for my nephew via their site. So I understand it might appear to their clever marketing algorithm that I have children, but I don’t. And every time I see these “perfectly placed” ads, I grit my teeth. I actually thought about picking up the phone and calling Amazon, and chewing out their marketing department. Now I know this sounds crazy, but as an infertile person it’s painful to be constantly reminded of what you don’t have. This used to only affect me when I saw children with their parents, or newborns and pregnant women (which are the toughest for me at the moment). Now that it’s affecting me through marketing, I’m getting pretty peeved. 

Today, the clever marketers struck again. After purchasing a set of permanent markers and two camping chairs from Target, the coupon machine spit out a lovely gift for me. A coupon for a discount on diapers. For split-second, I thought about throwing it up in the air and running out of the building screaming. I was able to contain myself. No promises on my future ability to be poised, accept the coupon with a smile, and wish the cashier a nice day. 

So retailers everywhere, guess what? Your marketing algorithms are not infallible. Just because I’m a certain age, married, and perhaps buying certain items that may indicate to you that I am a fertile person, I’m not. I literally LOATHE getting these ads and coupons. Someday, I might appreciate them, but that day is not today. In the meantime, you’re making me feel less inclined to shop with your company.

7 thoughts on “Think Before You Advertise

  1. Nara says:

    I’ve had this for years. I’m the person who has a high ranking list on Amazon called What To Get Your Friends Who Have Babies. I’m not really annoyed with Amazon as they just pick stuff based on other stuff you’ve bought. I am annoyed at Facebook as you’d think their algorithms could tell that I’ve never posted about having a child.


  2. alssnowflake says:

    It’s different here. They are not allowed to advertise for baby food and so… And the stores gives you discounts on things you are buying lots of. If you have a member card and stuff.
    To get discounts on diapers and stuff you have to tell them you want it. I’m so happy for the sometimes stupid laws here 🙂


  3. alssnowflake says:

    But not mention the stupid what to expect community. I get emails from them telling me how far I’m pregnant even if I had a miscarriage. And I e tried so many times to unsubscribe but it doesn’t work. Emailed them and they told me how to unsubscribe… Nope still gets the emails. And it hurt so bad.


  4. Baby, Are You Coming? says:

    Ah yes. I’ve been victim to this as well. Luckily, in Canada, we don’t get coupons at the grocery store very often, but I did used to go to Target in the US to buy OPKs, and I would always get a coupon for fertile/baby related items. Siiiiiggggh.


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