The Two Week Wait

My mind is racing a million miles an hour. I feel completely unsure of everything. I wake up in the middle of the night just to lie in bed, stare and the ceiling, and contemplate what the outcome will be. No matter how hard I try to stop overthinking the process, I just can’t. The outcome means so much to me. To us. 

Today we are 6dp5dt (six days past a five day transfer). According to charts I’ve read, that’s when hCG begins entering the bloodstream. Women use home pregnancy tests at this phase of the game all the time. Before we transferred, I bought eight tests. Now, I’m terrified to use them. Since it’s only Monday, I know it’ll be a long, tough week at work if I find out its negative. I don’t want to take that risk. Our beta is on Friday, and I think it’s a good plan to have the long Memorial Day Weekend to process whatever news comes our way. 

I’ve been having a lot of unusual feelings and sensations. Whether these are symptoms of pregnancy, or side effects of all the drugs, I’m not sure. One moment I’m convinced I’m pregnant because of how I feel, the next moment I’m sure I’m not. It started about three days after transfer. I began to notice a cramping sensation in just the right side of my uterus. Gradually, the cramping has spread. Now I feel it throughout my whole uterus and pretty frequently throughout the day. Sometimes I’m worried it’s a sign that my period is on its way. Other times I think it’s a sign of implantation. Other times I credit the feeling to the Crinone, or maybe even all the estrogen. I’m also extremely tired. I feel exhausted regardless of how many hours of sleep I get. I’ve read that progesterone causes this, but it can also be a sign of pregnancy. And, I’m moody. However, I think any woman going through this torture of waiting would probably be moody, too. 

Beta is only four days away. Right now, I’d really like to wait and not test beforehand. We’ll see if I’m strong enough to make it, or if my curiousity gets the best of me. One thing I know for sure: the two week wait is rough. 

37 thoughts on “The Two Week Wait

  1. sroseb83 says:

    The tww after a transfer is the worst. For us, there was one evening (8dp the 5dt) where it just felt right to test and I had a feeling it would be positive. We waited until our gut told us it was time. Good luck with it all! Only 4 more sleeps!!!!!

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  2. workingwomensivf says:

    The tww is the worst as hard as it is try not to over analyse and symptoms as they can all be pregnancy or crinone related. Cruel really filling women who so desperately want to be pregnant with drugs that make them feel like they are!! Crossing my fingers for you and sending lots of baby dust your way!!!!!

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  3. Babyscienceproject says:

    my 2 cents….wait until your official test date if you can. If you get a BFN before that you’ll doubt the result and drive yourself crazy. I know it’s hard!! I really hope you get your BFP. It’s very annoying that the progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms.

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  4. g2the4thpower says:

    I wish I had words of wisdom for you, but my failed and successful cycles weren’t much different side from weird spotting from very early on in the failed cycle, but I was using crinone versus injections with the current cycle so cervical irritation was to be expected. Both had cramps, general and in particular spots… Both had me totally batty! Good luck, hang in there! You’re almost there. Xx

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  5. g2the4thpower says:

    I second the holding out as long as you can before testing at home, only because anytime I’ve started testing it was all I could think about. When it was positive, I just couldn’t wait to get again and again to see it being darker (it isn’t very fast to darken at the start btw, so don’t be alarmed). When it was negative, I also couldn’t stop thinking maybe I tested too early, and couldn’t fully let go until my beta. The IVF 2ww is f’n brutal.


  6. oc15 says:

    i could never wait haha good for you. (although I’m dying with anticipation and would love for you to test 😉 ). i remember the back and forth. feeling like . it worked one minute, then getting devastated that it didn’t the next. you’ll know so soon and I’m hoping the best for you guys.

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  7. Jein says:

    This round of IVF was the first time I had the 2ww, all previous five attempts were blood tests and done already earlier, and this time I did do an ovulation test two days before the assigned test day. Luckily, it was positive, because I think I would’ve been devastated if it had been negative. So, also agreeing with many of the other posters in favour of waiting. As hard as it is, and even if I couldn’t do it myself…! Hang in there and all the best!!

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  8. yearningformotherhood says:

    I can really empathise with this! And there is no magic cure other than keeping yourself busy and distracted. I used to use it as an excuse to catch up with a different person each day! My social diary was buzzing!
    As hard as it was, I personally never tested earlier than I was told too. I think a negative result would crush me and a positive could give you false hope. Be strong!! 4 days isn’t that long now.
    Will have everything crossed for you x

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Wow–you have awesome strength to wait! I hope I can make it to beta. It’s only a few days away, so I’m gonna try! I love the idea of keeping busy. So smart! Thanks for the encouragement!


  9. Surviving Infertility says:

    I give you credit…I am the worst at not testing after a transfer! I start like 3 days after LOL. I knew deep down every time I was pregnant though before I even tested-if you have that gut feeling, I bet you are. Best of luck these next few days, lady!

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  10. artsyfartsyandinfertile says:

    I tried to wait but caved the day before. If I would have had the tests on hand I would have probably tested earlier – no will power here! The only thing I can remember happening during my TWW was small pinch like cramps and I got my BFP, I will be hoping, wishing and praying you get a BFP!!!

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  11. alwaysrunng says:

    Sending Positive thoughts your way! I couldn’t wait after our 1st transfer….I did a hpt at 6dp5dt and it was negative, but then did another on day 7 and it was positive. With our 2nd transfer I waited til day 7 before I tested. I knew that if it were negative I would be beyond disappointed but I also wanted to hurry and move along to the next steps if it didn’t work. Can’t wait to hear good news from you!

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  12. myivfdiary2015 says:

    I’ve only just got up to speed with your blog. Firstly I’m wishing you the largest BFP tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts all the way from windy England. Secondly – you have immense will power, with the side effects you’ve experienced Id have been itching to do a home test. Personally for me, the cramps and exhaustion were the main clue for me being pregnant and I just hope it’s the same for you. We tested at 6dp5dt and got thee most beautiful feint line! I’m wishing you all the luck in the world that this has worked for you and your partner. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Finally it really does only take one little embryo – positive, positive, positive – common little emby stay strong x


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