FET Here We Come!

 Today we got the good news that our transfer is moving up a couple of days. My lining is already at 10mm, and so our doctor bumped up the date of our FET to eight days from now. 

I’m currently on estrogen pills 3x a day. This stuff is making me feel depressed as heck. Combined with all the crazy plot twists we’ve been through this cycle, I’m having to work extra hard to keep my chin up. 

I start Crinone on Thursday. From the reviews I’ve read I’m in for a real treat (yes, that was complete sarcasm). Hopefully it’ll be easier than I’m anticipating. Any tips from you veterans out there?

We saw one of Chris’s friends yesterday. He and his wife did IVF five times. On their last cycle they only had one embryo, and it stuck. They now have a beautiful nine-year-old daughter. Their story helped so much! It ain’t over till it’s over. Here’s to hoping we have one super-sticky embryo!

31 thoughts on “FET Here We Come!

  1. workingwomensivf says:

    The Crinone is not awesome but is ok. One suggestions (warning TMI) you may want to try an clear some of the build up every couple of days as otherwise it can be uncomfortable and unsightly when it clears itself…….


  2. In Pursuit of a Family says:

    Now we really ARE transfer buddies! How long do you have to wait to get results? Our clinic makes us wait 13 for the beta (and so far we’ve decided not to do HPTs while we’re waiting). If you don’t have to wait as long we may find out around the same time. Anyway, I’m really hoping that everything goes smoothly for you guys! Looking forward to seeing a pic of your little embaby, haha 🙂


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