Clinic Error

We got an email update about our cycle from our doctor. The problem is, the information we received was inconsistent from what our nurse previously told us. Our nurse reported that on day five the embryologist had already frozen one embryo, but was still watching seven embryos to see if they would make it to the blastocyst stage on day six. She told us these seven were very close and that the embryologist wouldn’t have kept them out if they didn’t have a “good chance” of making it. She was wrong. 

Those seven embryos had already stopped growing on day three. We only had one embryo that was still being observed in hopes that it would be a late bloomer and make it to day six. Unfortunately, she misunderstood the embryologist’s notes. Our doctor said their clinic had a meeting to address accurate reporting of information. He owned up to it, and was very apologetic. We understand. Humans make mistakes. They assigned a new nurse to our case, and she seems really nice. 

Today we discussed our embryo results in detail with our doctor. He said our eggs looked great, and in future cycles (whether that is after a successful pregnancy with our first child, or in July if this cycle doesn’t succeed) they will probably stim me more.  This will give us more eggs, and a chance at more embryos. He said our sperm was an issue, and the doctors on our case are still baffled as to why. We have one of the top five urologists in the country, and he doesn’t understand why Chris’s sperm is a challenge. Our RE said research on cases like ours just doesn’t exist. We are a medical question mark.   

Then we talked about our upcoming FET. The embryo we have is considered “fair” quality. Since I’m still pretty young, and I’m healthy, our doctor predicts a 50/50 chance for it to stick. Our transfer date is the week after my birthday–sometime the second week of May. They are beginning to prep my uterus for transfer. We have high hopes for our little frostie. Fingers crossed!

19 thoughts on “Clinic Error

  1. Nicole says:

    That’s so unfortunate that the nurse gave you the wrong info, and I bet very frustrating, but it’s awesome of you to be so understanding.

    Sending sticky vibes for your FET!


  2. Surviving Infertility says:

    Know u are not alone in clinic errors. Unfortunately this is just added hurt in such an already difficult process. However, good for u for being so forgiving. It is a trait that is not easy, but is needed throughout this journey. Best wishes with the FET.

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Thank you. While we all wish clinic errors didn’t happen, it’s a real part of the process when we’re dealing with fallible human beings. You’re so right–understanding and patience are needed in great quantities throughout this process. Thanks for the well-wishes! 💞


    • heatherhopeful says:

      Oh no, Tanya! I just got caught up on your latest. My heart goes out to you sweetie! I love that you’re weighing all of your options and keeping an open mind. I hope it all unfolds beautifully and harmoniously for you. Huge hugs! 💗

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  3. stepstoparenthood says:

    I was in similar situation with our numbers of embryos. My nurse told me one information and then after I believe one week she called and apologize because she gave me the wrong numbers ( someone else’s numbers). After that accident I always scary ” If they transferred someone else’s embryo and not mine?.” …I know its just me going ku-ku 🙂
    But now lets just think positive. We don’t need extra stress, right?Finger crossed for your FET. Sending you only happy and positive thoughts!!! Xx


    • heatherhopeful says:

      How crazy! We’re the numbers significantly different than yours? I’d be extremely sad if they gave good news, only to revoke it and give bad news. Did you trust your clinic after that? Thanks for the positive thoughts and well-wishes!

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      • stepstoparenthood says:

        She told me first i had 5 embryos but in reality i had 3. Regarding the trust…well my RE is one of the best and I trust him 100%…but I try to avoid this nurse, thanks God he has two nurses working for him so with another one I feel more comfortable.


  4. theonewithjb says:

    Holy hell. What a nightmare. Yes people make mistakes. But what if that poor communication was related to your medication and you got sick?

    Very poor form.

    So sorry that you had such an unnecessary roller coaster ride. It’s tough enough as it is getting ongoing reports about embryos but hats just not fair.

    Best of luck for your transfer.

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