Turn of the Tides

We were so close. Unfortunately, none of our other seven embryos made it to the blastocyst stage. In the end, we came out with one frozen embryo. Just one. We have one chance of making this work. There is so much riding on that one frostie. Our doctor said one other embryo had potential, but in the end it didn’t make it. The five others stopped growing. 

I’m learning that this process is full of ups and downs. One day the outlook seems positive, the next day you’re reeling from the news. I am disappointed that I let myself get too excited. Yesterday we were elated. Today we’re hurting. 

61 thoughts on “Turn of the Tides

  1. sewingbutterfly says:

    I’m so sorry you’re hurting 😦 the rollercoaster is so difficult! But in the end. All it takes is one. Sending love and baby dust your way!


  2. oc15 says:

    i wish i could change this outcome for you. i am hurting too. the only advice i can give at a time like this is based off my own experience. take time to get back to yourself now. whether that means getting in shape, eating differently, going on vacation, taking a short break. being mentally and physically ready for you FET is HUGE. *big hug and tears*.


  3. g2the4thpower says:

    Oh man I’m so sorry, I was hoping for you to get your full basket this time. I unfortunately know the feeling too well. That being said… I also know it is true that it only takes one. I had only one left on day 5, and… Olaf stuck around! Sending you lots of love.

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  4. Leah says:

    I am sad for you that all the other embabies didn’t make it. All hope is not lost yet though, you still have a chance with the one frostie. Don’t give up yet xo


      • Leah says:

        Have you heard of acupuncture before embryo transfer? I am not sure where you live, but there is an excellent clinic in my hometown of Vancouver. Here’s the link to their specific page on this procedure: http://www.acubalance.ca/conditions-and-treatment/acupuncture-for-ivf

        A good friend of mine went through two rounds of ivf. Her first round resulted in an early miscarriage, but her second round took and she’s now expecting twins. She said she knows the difference was that her second time around she did this acupuncture treatment. I plan on doing this myself next month, god willing we have something to use.

        Anyway, not trying to push anything on you at all, but just wanted to let you know about this in case it appealed to you. My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys xo


        • heatherhopeful says:

          Thank you, Leah. I’ve heard about it, and considered it. Now that we have a lot at stake, it probably would be a good idea to do anything possible to increase our changes of success. Thanks for the info–I will look into it!


  5. ashleykyle says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I know that emotional roller coaster feeling well, and it just sucks. I, too, felt like I let myself get too excited when we had 17 good embryos on the third day only to find out that just two made it to day 5. Everyone at the clinic seemed shocked that we lost 15 embryos at the last minute… but I feel like I keep hearing about couples who end up with just one or two at the blastocyst stage a LOT. It’s actually starting to seem almost common and I wonder why this is?? I know it only takes one and all that… but it still hurts to lose them when you’ve become so attached; I’m sorry 😦 I hope that “perfect” frozen embie you do have continues to be an overachiever!

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      That’s sad. I had no idea you two went through that, sweetie. How heart wrenching. You’re right. Somehow you get attached to them, even though they’re just little balls of cells! They’re a part of you. Thank you for your sweet words. You always make me feel so supported. πŸ’—

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  6. KLA says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear this. It’s hard to grieve the loss of the little ones that didn’t make it while keeping hope for the one frostie. All of our good thoughts will be concentrated on your frozen transfer!!


  7. theskyandback says:

    I am just seeing this now. Hugs to you, my friend. This crap is heartbreaking, isn’t it? You can definitely get the job done with one embryo, though! I had one transferred last time and got pregnant. I did miscarry, but that was completely unrelated to the embryo (the embryo was normal, but I have a blood clotting issue). Taking Our Family From 3 to 4 just had one embryo put back a few weeks ago and now she is pregnant, too. It can definitely happen! I have faith for you!

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