Our embabies might be making the comeback of the year! 

One embryo looks AWESOME, it was ready to go so they froze it today. We are so glad even one of our little fighters made it. 

But wait, there’s more…

The embryologist is observing SEVEN more embryos overnight that he thinks have a good chance of catching up. 


Our nurse said that they must have a good chance because the embryologist would discard any embryos that looked like they didn’t have a shot. 

They will update again tomorrow!

Holy smokes!!

20 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS!

  1. theonewithjb says:

    Excellent news! It’s an amazing feeling having some come back from the brink.

    We had a little zombie embryo a while back. Unfortunately it didn’t take but it does wonders for your faith in the science.

    Hope the good news keeps coming.


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