Retrieval Day!

15 eggs! We don’t know how many are mature yet, but will get a full update tomorrow. They’ll use the 6 swimmers we had in incubation to fertilize some of my eggs. Even though we were told they did not freeze any sperm APPARENTLY we also have 4 vials of frozen sperm no one told us about. Surprise!! They’ll thaw one vial at a time until they have enough for all the eggs. If they still don’t have enough sperm, they’ll freeze my eggs for future use. Our RE is optimistic and so are we! 

My cycle is confirmed frozen since my estrogen level was at 2200 on Thursday. I’ll start taking Provera tonight to induce my period. Oh goodie! 

I’m moving pretty slowly and in a good bit of pain after today’s procedure, but today’s news is well worth it all. We’re really happy that things are looking up!

Right before they took me into the OR. Chris asks me to look away from the camera for all my blog photos. 😎

20 thoughts on “Retrieval Day!

  1. ashleykyle says:

    Yay! I am so happy to hear this! I’ve been thinking about you today and keeping my fingers crossed, so I was anxious to see how things went. Hoping to hear soon about some more good swimmers in those vials!

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