Thinking Happy Thoughts

I triggered last night and it was a peice of cake! Just a touch sore today.

I spent most of the day today literally worried sick. Just a refresher: Chris had a TESE done on Tuesday. Wednesday we learned only 5 of his sperm were moving. We had not received an update on the sperm since then, and it’s not for lack of effort. We’ve been calling the urologist’s office multiple times daily. 

Finally, Chris got a hold of someone today only to discover the urologist is out and unreachable for the rest of the day. What the heck!? My retrieval is TOMORROW and they don’t think I want to know the status of our swimmers? Sometimes I feel like these doctors have no idea how invested we are in this process or just how stressful this is.

So, my hubby, being the rad guy that he is, did not give up. He called the lab directly and asked to speak with the embryologist. He asked them to check on his sperm, and report back to him as soon as possible. The embryologist was super helpful and called back within an hour. 

He learned we have six moving sperm. So we’re up one more. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day of peak motility for the little guys. If you wouldn’t mind thinking happy thoughts for our swimmers we would really appreciate it. 

Has anyone heard of success with such a low count? We are still holding on to hope. Come on little guys–just keep swimming!

20 thoughts on “Thinking Happy Thoughts

  1. ashleykyle says:

    Yay for that 6th swimmer! Hoping for high numbers that are WELL into the double digits for tomorrow!! What number should I visualize for you? I’ll think of it tonight and tomorrow. I’m also hoping for an easy retrieval for you, can’t forget about those eggs 🙂 If you have more mature eggs than available sperm, will they freeze them for you for later possible use or just stick to using the same amount of eggs as sperm for this cycle?

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  2. theonewithjb says:

    It’s a shame your clinic/lab aren’t proactive when it comes to updates. We’ve used two different clinics and both have us updates on embryos every day or two.

    I would be giving them some polite but stern feedback if I was you.

    Don’t know anyone that’s had a TESE but really, anything can happen. We’re all just using science to help find miracles.

    Hope you get yours. 🙂

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