Sperm Status & Ultrasound Update

Emotional limbo. Do we stay positive? Do we prepare for the worst? Will we be okay with the outcome? If not now, maybe someday? 

After Chris’s MESA/TESE yesterday the urologist saw just one sperm twitching. He expected to see most of them gain motility a few hours after the procedure. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

Today we have five twitchers. Chris has plenty of sperm, so that’s a little surprising and not nearly as many as our urologist hoped for. He’s going to let the sperm incubate without freezing them and see what happens. He said  some men’s motility is slow to get started. He explained  peak motility is typically observed on day 4 or 5, which, as luck would have it, is right around my retrieval day. The doctor said as long as Chris has as many moving sperm as I have eggs, we are good. 

That brings us to me. We measured 15 eggs on the ultrasound today. My RE is happy with the way they are growing and progressing. It was hard to get excited when he told me everything on my end looks great and I’m almost done. I have to give myself more shots in a few minutes, and I’ve never been so unmotivated to do the injections as I am now. 


I know we have other options, but right now I really can’t process the idea of using donor sperm or even adopting. My heart is set on the success of IVF. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m scared about what this will do to Chris if this doesn’t work. I’m afraid of the overwhelming sadness we’ll have if we find out kids are not in the cards for us. We want a family so badly, and I truly believe we’d be wonderful parents. 

32 thoughts on “Sperm Status & Ultrasound Update

  1. theskyandback says:

    Come onnnnn swimmers, get your swim on! I’m glad everything looks great with you, though. Keeping fingers all kinds of crossed. And if you want to have kids, you WILL, one way or another. But don’t even think about those other options right now. Just take it day by day…and keep hoping. Xo.

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  2. singlegirlsquest4mommyhood says:

    I hope you end up with a ton of little swimmers by your retrieval date ! In the event that does not happen, have you considered mixing hubby’s sperm and donor sperm and just letting nature take its course? A few girls at my clinic did this when they had make factor issues and are now pregnant. DNA is not as important as who nurtures this baby from womb to life. Wishing you all the best and praying this works out the way you want it too !! Xoxo

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  3. ashleykyle says:

    I’m rooting for you guys and those little swimmers! I truly hope IVF is your answer and my heart is with you as you go through this part of your journey. Fingers crossed for good news on retrieval day!

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  4. ivyf15 says:

    What a great ‘cluster’ of eggs! I struggled to see mine yesterday, the woman had to move it around a lot, ‘oh, there’s one’ and ‘there’s another’. I feel every word you say, we’re there too. Second cycle and really pinning all my hopes on it working, without getting my proverbial hopes up at the same time. All the very best!

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