Stims Day 6 & Office Visit

I may be immature, but at least I can laugh through the process.

We’re officially back from our vacation in paradise and back to work. Tonight is my 6th night of stims and I feel good! I’m a little crampy and slightly bloated, but far better than I expected. 

Today I had an ultrasound and our doctor counted 16 developing follicles that are all around 14mm in size. He thinks I’ll have two more days of stims (including tonight)–possibly three. I’m a little bummed my count went down so much since my last ultrasound when he counted 26. Our doc seemed happy with my progress, so I guess I shouldn’t stress. 

Chris has his MESA procedure tomorrow morning. He’s nervous about having a scalpel near his manhood. We also got an email from our clinic saying they didn’t factor freezing Chris’s sperm into our IVF costs. So we’re going to be charged $900 to freeze it and store it. This process feels like a money pit. Thankfully, the end is in sight. 

4 thoughts on “Stims Day 6 & Office Visit

  1. ashleykyle says:

    We’ve had the same experience finding out about “new” costs every time we turn around. We knew the initial quote wouldn’t be exact, but seriously, every single area of this process has been more expensive than they initially told us– sometimes even twice or three times the amount! Money pit is right!


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