Ultrasound & Lupron Update

26 follies are in the house! Our doctor said we’ve got a whole kindergarten class in there! We start stims next week. The doc told us we’re looking at potential OHSS and likely a frozen cycle. I’m glad he told us early so I can mentally prepare myself for that possibility. 

Yesterday was my last birth control pill. I’m stoked to be done with those. My appetite has been out of hand, and I’ve gained a few lbs over this past month. It’ll be worth it in the end!

Today is my 8th day of Lupron, and I’m supposed to start my period sometime soon. Truth be told, I’m feeling pretty cranky. I’m underslept and work has been stressful and chaotic. On the bright side, we leave tomorrow for Hawaii! It’s a much needed break for both of us.  

Our nurse gave us a letter for TSA so we can bring all my meds and needles on board the plane. I’m traveling with a medical cooler wallet that will hold my Lupron and Follistim, and hopefully keep it cool. We’re crossing our fingers that all goes smoothly on the trip. ✈️

Reading a gossip mag while awaiting my ultrasound. Seriously, is every celeb pregnant or delivering right now? lol


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