Lupron Days 1-5

Five down!

Day 1: I was a shaking, sobbing mess! The needle totally freaked me out, and I put it in too slowly. My slow pace of pushing in the needle made it really uncomfortable. The medicine itself was easy. I did not notice any side effects. 

Day 2: I inserted the needle much quicker today, but I think I still have lots of room for improvement. No pain at all with the needle or injection. I’m noticing an occasional sharp cramping sensation in my ovaries, but it’s manageable. I’m craving sugar like a madwoman and downed excessive amounts of chocolate. That’s probably unrelated to Lupron, and simply just my insatiable sweet-tooth. 😜

Day 3: Third time is the charm! Today was my best day of injections so far! I just went for it, didn’t hesitate, and pushed that sucker right in. I’m tired, but who knows if that is related to the meds. It’s a busy day today and I’m getting through it just fine!

Day 4: I think I’m getting the hang of these shots! Pushing it in quickly is definitely the way to go. I feel pretty tired and snacky today. Junk food sounds super tasty right now. πŸ˜‰

Day 5: Today was such a breeze! I didn’t feel the needle at all. I feel way more confident with the needle. I barely have any marks on my stomach (just one small one from a couple days ago). This has moved from being a big ordeal each morning, to nothing at all. I’m still super hungry, but have no other side-effects.

Drawing out the correct amount of medication.

Cleaning the injection site (still rocking the pjs, of course!)

Injecting the Lupron


12 thoughts on “Lupron Days 1-5

      • ashleykyleanderson says:

        It started with stims, I won’t be able to carry so our gestational carrier did the lupron and estrogen part. I even questioned whether or not it was related to the meds at first because I haven’t heard of anyone else reacting the same. But thankfully as soon as I stopped them my appetite went back to normal right away! Just hang in there. I didn’t want to eat every time I was hungry so I got those lifesaver mints to try to trick myself with in between meals. It really can drive you crazy!


        • heatherhopeful says:

          Good tip! I’m going to get some lifesaver mints. Perhaps it’s the birth control that’s spiking my appetite, not the Lupron. I only have two birth control pills left, so I’m hoping this will stop soon!


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