An Unexpected Start

Today I had an ultrasound. I was expecting MAYBE I’d get birth control today. We just got vaccines earlier this week, and I knew our doctor wanted us to have a cooling off period before starting the process. Turns out all that “cooling off” means is not getting pregnant. So we’re officially starting the meds for our cycle! We are so happy!

During the ultrasound, my doctor counted 10 follicles in each ovary. That’s a pretty big change from last time (previously 17 and 20+). I’m not sure why it’s so different. Has anyone else ever had that big of a change? The doctor was happy with the reduced number, so I guess that’s good. 

Then, our nurse, Sylvia, showed me the schedule for my meds and then taught me how to do injections. The needle is way less intimidating than I’d pictured. I’ll definitely survive. The one fun part is I’ll be doing a week of stims in…Hawaii. Chris and I have had this trip planned for awhile, and had no idea we’d be going down this road when it was planned. Our doctor was fine with us going out of town, and Sylvia said I’ll just have to get my blood drawn while I’m on vacation. So I can deal with that, and I’m glad they can too. 

As you see in the pic above, I got my birth control filled today and will start taking it tonight. I also got some comfy socks for my future IVF appointments. They’re made by a company called “Notes to Self” and have some nice little inspirational messages on them. I think they’ll be fun to wear during retrieval and transfer as a reminder to stay positive. 

So here we go! Fingers crossed for a successful cycle!

6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Start

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Most awesome socks! As far as the change in follicle count I think that tends to happen to me too. My RE has never been concerned. Good luck!


  2. ashleykyleanderson says:

    This is great news! Wow, see? Your wait did go fast! I am wishing you lots & lots of luck! Just remember to think ahead regarding your meds on vacation if they have to be refrigerated. I’m sure it will all go smoothly though, you get into a routine pretty quickly. 🙂

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    • heatherhopeful says:

      Ashley–that’s such a good point about refrigeration! We’ll be staying at my college friend’s house, so we’ll have access to a fridge. I just need to think about how to keep them cool while we’re in route to Hawaii. Thanks for your message!


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