Ultrasound & Lupron Update

26 follies are in the house! Our doctor said we’ve got a whole kindergarten class in there! We start stims next week. The doc told us we’re looking at potential OHSS and likely a frozen cycle. I’m glad he told us early so I can mentally prepare myself for that possibility. 

Yesterday was my last birth control pill. I’m stoked to be done with those. My appetite has been out of hand, and I’ve gained a few lbs over this past month. It’ll be worth it in the end!

Today is my 8th day of Lupron, and I’m supposed to start my period sometime soon. Truth be told, I’m feeling pretty cranky. I’m underslept and work has been stressful and chaotic. On the bright side, we leave tomorrow for Hawaii! It’s a much needed break for both of us.  

Our nurse gave us a letter for TSA so we can bring all my meds and needles on board the plane. I’m traveling with a medical cooler wallet that will hold my Lupron and Follistim, and hopefully keep it cool. We’re crossing our fingers that all goes smoothly on the trip. ✈️

Reading a gossip mag while awaiting my ultrasound. Seriously, is every celeb pregnant or delivering right now? lol


Lupron Days 1-5

Five down!

Day 1: I was a shaking, sobbing mess! The needle totally freaked me out, and I put it in too slowly. My slow pace of pushing in the needle made it really uncomfortable. The medicine itself was easy. I did not notice any side effects. 

Day 2: I inserted the needle much quicker today, but I think I still have lots of room for improvement. No pain at all with the needle or injection. I’m noticing an occasional sharp cramping sensation in my ovaries, but it’s manageable. I’m craving sugar like a madwoman and downed excessive amounts of chocolate. That’s probably unrelated to Lupron, and simply just my insatiable sweet-tooth. 😜

Day 3: Third time is the charm! Today was my best day of injections so far! I just went for it, didn’t hesitate, and pushed that sucker right in. I’m tired, but who knows if that is related to the meds. It’s a busy day today and I’m getting through it just fine!

Day 4: I think I’m getting the hang of these shots! Pushing it in quickly is definitely the way to go. I feel pretty tired and snacky today. Junk food sounds super tasty right now. 😉

Day 5: Today was such a breeze! I didn’t feel the needle at all. I feel way more confident with the needle. I barely have any marks on my stomach (just one small one from a couple days ago). This has moved from being a big ordeal each morning, to nothing at all. I’m still super hungry, but have no other side-effects.

Drawing out the correct amount of medication.

Cleaning the injection site (still rocking the pjs, of course!)

Injecting the Lupron


Attack of the Needles!

This week wasn’t supposed to be a his/hers needle-athon. Yesterday started off like an ordinary Thursday. Chris was taking out the trash (scoring hubby points) and I was getting dressed for work. All the sudden, I heard Chris call out, “Honey, I need you.”

His voice sounded urgent. 

I ran (topless) across the house to find him leaned over the kitchen sink clutching his middle finger. I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t a pretty picture. He’d had a run-in with a sharp aluminum can while taking out the garbage. One look at his finger, and I knew he needed stitches. 

In lieu of proper medical attention, somehow I got sweet-talked into helping Chris glue his finger together with surgical adhesive. He slapped a few bandages over the glue, and headed off to work. When he got home that evening, we reassessed the situation and decided to go get it checked out by the pros.

Chris getting stitches like a champ.

At Urgent Care they took great care of him. They stitched up his wound and sent him home with a super cool splint that makes him flip the bird all the time. The splint will keep him from bending his finger and tearing the stitches out.  We got home nice and late from the doctor, and I laid in bed thinking about the needles of my own I’d be facing in the morning.

Chris giving the thumbs up to our collection of meds. Or maybe he’s flipping them off? 😉

I awoke feeling confident. I’ve watched the injection administration video multiple times. The needle looked non-threatening and the dosage was small. I felt ready. Until it came time to administer it. My hands started shaking uncontrollably. My face flushed a brilliant crimson. I started to cry. 

Due to Chris’s finger incident, he was home this morning recovering and taking it easy. Chris reminded me how oftentimes we don’t gain the courage required to do something until after we do it. He reminded me to take deep breaths and relax. It was just the moral support I needed. 

Since I was jittery, I ended up pushing the needle in a little too slowly for comfort. So I learned that next time I’ll want to do it faster. But guess what? The first injection is behind me. I know each day will get a little easier. Pretty soon I’ll be injecting shots like the pros. I hope. 🙂

First one down! Ready for more tomorrow.

BC Day 11 Update

The last time I took birth-control pills was in high school. It gave me an insatiable, raging appetite, and subsequent weight gain. That was when I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. So when our doc prescribed regular Ortho Tri-Cyclen, I was prepared to stop looking at the scale for a few weeks. 

Things were going fine, until Friday. I got the worst headache I’ve had in a very long time. I took two extra strength Tylenol at work, and felt like they did nothing. I’ve always been an ibuprofen girl. It helps with cramps, and every other ache and pain. I’m hoping that once we start injections the symptoms are bearable because this Tylenol stuff…it just doesn’t do it for me. 

The headache continued strong into Saturday. Chris wasn’t feeling well either, but had different symptoms, so it’s hard to say if we were fighting something off, or if my headache was from the birth control pills. We took it easy and watched movies all day. We both woke up Sunday feeling like crap still. We ran a couple errands, and then came home and collapsed into our couch. We went to bed early, too. Both of us woke up this morning feeling much better and ready to tackle our work week.

This time around with birth control, I don’t feel like I’m eating myself out of house and home. My appetite might be slightly elevated, but I really don’t notice much of a difference. I don’t feel overly emotional. Chris verified that I haven’t been a raging, hormonal jerk. Overall I feel like the birth control symptoms have been pretty mild. 

I start Lupron injections on Friday. Chris will already be at work when I start, and the fact that I’ll be alone makes me a teeny-bit nervous. Despite the pre-injection jitters, I’m really excited that we’re moving one step closer to our future kiddo. 

An Unexpected Start

Today I had an ultrasound. I was expecting MAYBE I’d get birth control today. We just got vaccines earlier this week, and I knew our doctor wanted us to have a cooling off period before starting the process. Turns out all that “cooling off” means is not getting pregnant. So we’re officially starting the meds for our cycle! We are so happy!

During the ultrasound, my doctor counted 10 follicles in each ovary. That’s a pretty big change from last time (previously 17 and 20+). I’m not sure why it’s so different. Has anyone else ever had that big of a change? The doctor was happy with the reduced number, so I guess that’s good. 

Then, our nurse, Sylvia, showed me the schedule for my meds and then taught me how to do injections. The needle is way less intimidating than I’d pictured. I’ll definitely survive. The one fun part is I’ll be doing a week of stims in…Hawaii. Chris and I have had this trip planned for awhile, and had no idea we’d be going down this road when it was planned. Our doctor was fine with us going out of town, and Sylvia said I’ll just have to get my blood drawn while I’m on vacation. So I can deal with that, and I’m glad they can too. 

As you see in the pic above, I got my birth control filled today and will start taking it tonight. I also got some comfy socks for my future IVF appointments. They’re made by a company called “Notes to Self” and have some nice little inspirational messages on them. I think they’ll be fun to wear during retrieval and transfer as a reminder to stay positive. 

So here we go! Fingers crossed for a successful cycle!

Vaccines Done!

Sometimes I wonder if we’re the Murphy’s Law couple. Today, the odds were in our favor. Our fertility doc said we had to get our vaccines done a month prior to starting our IVF cycle. I started Aunt Flo today but also got my vaccines done–how perfect is that? The timing couldn’t have worked any better. I have an ultrasound Friday to check out my follies. I’m starting to get excited; we may be getting closer to starting this thing! Yay!