To My Future Child

Dear One,

You are deeply loved. Your Daddy and I have been thinking about you for a very long time. We are so excited to be your parents someday. 

We have no preference if you are a boy or a girl. We will adore you if you’re a tomboy or a girly-girl, or a tough guy or a sensitive one. 

We will read to you, rock you, swaddle you, and cuddle you to your heart’s content. We will give you endless hugs and affection. Not the touchy-feely type? We’ll (try our best to) give you space. 

We’ll support you wherever life leads you. School play? We’ll drive you to every rehearsal. Community service? We love how much you give back to those in need. Math Club? Wait, are you our kid?? Just kidding. 

We’ll be your biggest fan if you decide to be a poet, a mechanic, a lawyer, a barista. We will help you to develop your innate talents and skills. We will praise you for your effort, and teach you the value of hard work, and determination.  

We’ll encourage you to reach for your dreams, do what makes you happy, and what you are passionate about. 

We won’t always agree, and that’s okay. We will show you that it’s okay to have different opinions, viewpoints, and preferences. We will raise you to respect others, treat others with kindness, empathy, and compassion. We will encourage you to walk into life with an open mind and an open heart. 

When your heart is hurt, we will listen to your worries, your pains, and your fears. We will hold you tight, and dry your tears. 

We will value your voice, your opinions, and your strengths. We will support you. We will love unconditionally. You are our world already, and we haven’t met you yet.  

We look forward to the day where we can welcome you into our family. We hope it is soon. We can’t wait. 

Much love,

Mommy and Daddy

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